Costa Rica Herping Adventures

Costa Rica Herping Adventures

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"I have been on many trips with you all over Costa Rica and one in Panama , this was the most productive and the group GREAT. Thanks Jim!!

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Herp With Us


The next trip will be to the Arenal Lodge. 

October 29th. to November 5th. 2016

Trip 24

Welcome to Costa Rica Herping Adventures. My Name is Jim Kavney: I’ve been guiding field herping trips to Costa Rica for 16 years. I do this because I enjoy doing it, not as a source of income, so I try very hard to keep the cost down. If I can pay the expenses of the trips and have enough for ads, I’m happy. I enjoy seeing herpers experience the wonders of the rain forest for the first time. When they find their first herp, they know they are living their dream……

Our 16th Year!!

Once you’ve decided you want to experience Costa Rica Herping Adventures for yourself, it’s best to book your trip with us ASAP. If there are spots available, grab one while the getting is good. Over the years I’ve seen them be open for months and fill up in a few weeks.  You just never know, act now and don’t be disappointed. I know it’s a lot to do, making sure you have the time off, that it’s OK with your loved one, that it’s in your budget, etc. So, make a list and get started. Believe me almost all herpers would love to go on a trip like this, but for some reason they never do, it’s always next year. I’d love to share the next trip with you, but only you can make it happen.


Includes hotel, ground transportation and meals at final destination.

Air travel to Costa Rica is not included.

You will need a up to date Passport.

This trip will be at Arenal Lodge!! Our Sixth trip there. This location

being a far distance from the airport and our drive through the mountains

with unpredictable weather conditions will make it necessary to spend

Saturday night (not included in the price) at the Hotel Aeropuerto and fly home

on Sunday. This extra expense is not covered in the fee for the trip along

with the meal that night. The room runs approximately $80, we usually

double up and split the cost.

October 29th. to November 5th. 2016

Trip 24

There are 0 spots available for the this trip.

The following people will be on Trip 24.

Dan ~~~ Lomira, WI.

Mike  ~~~ Gulf Breeze, FL

Linda ~~~ Denver, CO

Mike ~~~ Nampa, ID

Mark ~~~ West Chester, PA

Donna ~~~ West Chester, PA

Rick ~~~ Austin, TX

To be eligible to participate in a Costa Rica Herping Adventures Trip.

You must 18 years of age or be accompanied by a parent who goes on our trips.

You must fill out a Hold Harmless and Assumption of Risk form. It must be signed and accompanied with a check for $250 refundable deposit payable to Jim Kavney. Call me at 305.393.2732 or email me at for mailing instructions. We reserves the right to refuse entry to a trip to anyone for any reason whatsoever. All trips are subject to cancellation.

Up coming trip in 2017

Trip 25

 May 20 to May 27th 2017